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Hot Stone Therapy


Hot Stone Therapy Warm Basalt stones to melt away tension. Therapeutic heat is slowly released into the belly of the muscle for a completely new body experience. Small stones are placed on key energy points, whilst luxuriously warmed oils are massaged deeply into the body for maximum relaxation.

This treatment is ideal for anyone suffering with muscular aches and pains. Working at relieving stress this treatment is designed to activate the body’s energy channels. This intensive treatment is a holistic and energising therapy for the mind, body and spirit.


Hot Stone Therapy is the applicant of thermotherapy using warm heated basalt stones. It is a deeply energising and physiological experience.

The Hot Stone therapy treatments are 95% massage and 5% placement. Oxygen rich blood circulation is boosted, while lymph flow is stimulated. Tired, sore and aching muscles are relaxed with improvements in flexibility and tensions held at the deepest level is released

The effects are:

  • Physical:  pain relief & relaxation
  • Mental: stress relief and quietening of the mind
  • Energetic:uplifting activation of energy

Incorporating the use of Elemis essential ingredients and ritual massage, the Hot Stone massage is a wonderful, unique experience.


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